The Mission

To create and maintain a national online marketplace where musicians can buy and sell music related gear for free.

The site must be straightforward and intuitive. Users will be encouraged to help keep the marketplace free of inappropriate and mis-categorized content.

Optimized for social media sharing, users can promote listings to their preferred target group.

We believe there are three primary factors that are required to make this type of site successful.

1. A good website

2. Content

3. Traffic

We've done our best to build a good site. The second and third factors are not unlike the chicken and the egg. To secure good content, you need good traffic and vice versa.

We sincerely believe there is a need, which we are trying to fill. With a leap of faith, we go forth with conviction!

Made by musicians for musicians.

All users are encouraged to contact us with bugs, complaints, suggestions, rants or even compliments.