Help - FAQs


You may buy and sell anonymously or divulge as much identifying information as you like. You may register to the site.
The advantages of registering include the following:

No need to validate a listing via email link once logged in.
An avatar, picture or company logo may be uploaded and will show on your profile page.
You will be able to flag inappropriate listings.
Being registered will likely instill a higher level of confidence with buyers.
After registering, you must update your profile with your location before your public profile will be shown.

Tip- after registering and updating your profile page, you can log in using your numerical username shown in lieu of typing in your email address.


IMPORTANT- Do not supply any personally identifying details that you do not wish to make public.
All details in your profile will be viewable publicly, including your name. You may use just your first name or a nickname if you choose.


SEARCHING- At the top of each page is a search bar. You may browse a category or sub-category by selecting one from the drop down menu.
You can further filter by entering a search term and/or a location. Search terms apply to item titles and descriptions.

BROWSING- At the bottom of each page is a grid of category buttons.

LISTINGS- Listings are laid out with pictures on the left, overview on the right and details at the bottom.
You may hover over the selected picture for a zoom view or click on it for a larger slideshow style view of all pictures.
At the bottom of each listing there are 5 icons. From the left: The first icon shows details. Clicking on the second icon will show any extended info, including any embedded videos.
The middle icon with the phone is for contact information. This will list any contact info that is in the seller's profile.
If it shows 'Anonymous', the seller has not supplied their name. The fourth icon is for comments and reserved for future use.
The far right icon includes some common sense caveats about buying online.

To contact a seller with a question or about purchasing the item, either hit the 'SEND MAIL' button or use the contact info if listed.

Every ad should indicate whether a seller wishes to deal locally only or is willing to ship and consummate the deal online.

There is also a button to send a link of the listing to a friend. Fill out the form with the appropriate info and an email will be sent.

Registered users will see a button to flag ads as spam or inappropriate. All submissions are appreciated and will be investigated ASAP.

Planet Music Gear is not involved in any sale, and does not validate or approve any public listings here. You must do your own due diligence in determining the legitimacy of listings.

This site contains public postings and should be treated as such. The only verification of sellers is the legitimacy of their email address. Use care and common sense when deciding to deal with an anonymous lister.


You may list anonymously or as a registered user. Site visitors will click the SEND MAIL button to contact you.

Planet Music Gear will send you an email from the interested party with their contact info. Use due diligence when responding to inquiries and beware of phishing scams.

When filling out the posting form, you must indicate your location: City, State or Province and Country. You must also provide a contact email address.

Your email address will not be published unless requested by you. Providing your name, phone or cell number, and any other information is optional.
Planet Music Gear does not use an email relay system for back and forth communication. The system will only generate the first request from an interested potential buyer.

Please select a category carefully. Mis-categorized listings may be edited or deleted. Choose a TITLE that's short and easy to read.
In the description field, include all relevant info- age, condition, what's included and as many details about the item as you deem necessary.

You may include a link to an ad on another selling site, your own website or your Facebook page. Just include the link without html and it will be converted to a clickable link for you. Any link included in a listing is subject to the same TOU conditions. Abuse or misuse of this feature will cause your listing to be edited or deleted.

A Youtube video link can be pasted into the appropriate field in the listing form and it will show embedded under
the extended details portion of your posted listing. You should mention in your main description that you have a video posted in the extended description.

Up to six pictures may be uploaded. Photos will be automatically re-sized to site display maximum. You may not use copyrighted photos. This includes most photos from manufacturer's sites. Any listing found to contain copyrighted material will be edited or deleted.
It is always OK for you to take your own picture of whatever you are selling. Maximum image size is 5mb for upload.

Listings will, by default, expire in 30 days. When an item is sold or no longer available, please delete the listing.



Your account may be accessed by clicking the link at the top of any page while logged in. An explanation of your account page menu:

PUBLIC PROFILE- This will show what others will see when clicking a link to show all your ads.

MANAGE YOUR LISTINGS- All of your ads will show with options to edit or delete.

MANAGE YOUR ALERTS- If you have set an alert by clicking on a 'Save this Search' button while viewing search results, you will be shown all active alerts. The alerts are set to email you a notice when a new item has been posted that fits your search criteria.

MY PROFILE- Here you may view and update, if necessary, any items in your profile. This includes email address, password, avatar, etc.

RE-PUBLISH YOUR ADS- Use this page to renew your expired ads. Ads will expire in 30 days. Ads may be renewed a maximum of three times. You must wait until the ad expires before renewing.



Please contact us about any inappropriate listings, mis-categorized or sold listings, any suspected spam or phishing scams.

Please contact us regarding any bugs, problems or suggestions.



Is the site secure? No, this is a public posting site and should be regarded as public. Never input any personally identifiable info that you do not want to make public.

Is there a way to check feedback? No, it is the responsibility of a potential buyer to determine validity of a listing. Planet Music Gear will respond to complaints and when deemed necessary will delete postings or ban users, based on email address and IP address.